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Smlogg, Nov 2, 09 8:24 PM.
After a partial wipe, we figured out how to, erm, "deal" with Andre's fucked up aggro scheme.
Very interesting, if annoying, fight. Congratulations to Sarene on the Behemoth Amulet, congratulations to the bank on the blue stuff. We also killed Kraterr again, grats prophet on the Bloody Flame Sword, banked the rest.

Bushido drops Raging Kraterr

Smlogg, Oct 22, 09 4:12 AM.
Defeated Raging Kraterr today with very little hickups. Was a piece of cake once the right strat was used.
Probably won't be a huge deal a few weeks from now, but for a bunch of high level 30's, this was great practice.
Congrats to the guild bank and Rathmata on their new jewelery.

Bushido Takes the Abyss

Smlogg, Oct 21, 09 4:48 AM.
Follow the offical thread Here

Bushido decided today was a good day to show everyone just what Bushido is all about.

So we took all the lower abyss fortresses.

With 5 people.

And then defended the the artifact right outside the Asmo fort for 2 hours from the zerg swarm until we got bored and left.

This is the epitome of the Bushido way.

BUSHIDO Has a New Address!

System, Oct 14, 09 11:08 PM.
BUSHIDO has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Good to know linking ingame items to forums.

Tsujinson, Oct 14, 09 7:04 PM.
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